Intelligently Scale Your
High-Performing Technology Team

We Help You Strategically Align, Intelligently Scale, & Continuously Optimize Your Team




Stop Working with Money-Focused
Staffing Vendors and Transactional Recruiters

Most staffing agencies are notoriously transactional and money-focused. They will say and do whatever it takes to get your business. They overpromise and underdeliver. If you have ever dealt with a staffing agency, you know exactly what we’re talking about.


Are you frustrated with: 

You Deserve I.T. Experts With The Right
Tech Skills & Fit for Your Team

Secure RARE Talent

Finding great talent that has the right skills and fit for your team is time-consuming. We make it easy so you can deliver IT initiatives on time without any headaches.

SCALE Your Team

Your team’s cohesion and productivity reflect directly on you. When you select the right company to help you get the IT talent you need, your team’s productivity will soar, and your business outcomes will be impressive.

Have Peace Of Mind

Knowing you chose the right partner to help you secure the best tech-talent gives you peace of mind. You can rest at ease, confidently trusting that talent placed has the right tech skills and fit for your team.


You are the only partner that gets what we are looking for. You understand our team and don’t just check the boxes.

– Director of Big Data, Fortune 100 Company

Your responsiveness is outstanding, I never have to wonder when you will get back to me and you always deliver on point.

– CIO, Healthcare Technology Company

You guys are like an extension of our HR, we know we can trust and depend on you.

– VP of IT, Cloud Managed Service Provider

I’ve worked with TechHuman now and at the past two companies I have worked for and in each place had outstanding results!

– Director of IT Security & Compliance, Fortune 100 Company


Finding Higher Qualified Talent Should Be Easier

Discover a 3 step system to secure IT experts with the best tech skills and fit with your team.
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Now Ensuring Technology
Initiative Success is Easy

1) Schedule A
Discovery Call

2) INtelligently
SCale Your Team

3) Amplify Performance


At TechHuman we don't just help you secure the right IT experts, we continuously coach them so you can keep initiatives on track.

Most staffing agencies consider your business just a transaction. They get a job order, do and say whatever it takes to make a placement then move on to the next company. These candidates end up causing you frustrations, slowing your team productivity, infecting morale, and repelling high-quality talent from joining your team. We understand how frustrated you are from wasting time and resources on vendors that don’t deliver what you need. We get that you need great technical talent to deliver projects on-time & on-budget.

We’re committed to helping you:

A Few of Our Clients

5 Things Most IT Staffing Agencies Do That You Need To Watch Out For.

We created a free PDF to help you identify the business practices these agencies use to try and get your business. This will help you avoid the frustrations they cause and stop wasting your time on money on their mediocre service offerings.

Download this free pdf to protect your professional reputation from the dangers of working with transactional IT staffing agencies that are only interested in closing deals and making money as fast as they can.

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