The IT Talent Market is an evolving landscape. In order to stay ahead of the curve, you must partner with FORWARD-THINKING innovative service providers who are not bogged down with the old antiquated professional services industry ways of the past.

Our outside of the box approach, unique business model, operational best practices and proven six-stage Tech Cycle are just a few reasons why we consistently deliver top-notch consultants for our valued client organizations.

Key Mindset

  • Always deliver game-changing win-win-win service solutions
  • Deliver quality over quantity
  • Create honest, transparent, long term relationships
  • Never abandon a client or candidate in need
  • Be resourceful and creative in finding solutions
  • Continuously drive innovation and change for the better
  • Keep an open mind and strive for effective communication
  • Exhibit commitment, passion, and enthusiasm

Specific IT Market Intelligence

Our tenured Talent Managers have deep-rooted relationships with market-leading IT professionals and we take the time to understand what is important to each of them. TechHuman stays in tune with where they are, their compensation level, and when they are available for engagement. Therefore, we have what it takes to ATTRACT, SECURE, and RETAIN them for our client organizations.

Detailed Client Knowledge

We invest in understanding your specific industry-based business objectives, company culture, and technology initiatives. Our CONSULTATIVE APPROACH and understanding empower our tenured team to better assess your unique requirements and organizational needs which ultimately gives us the advantage of matching and attracting the best IT talent to help you achieve your critical business needs.

Innovative Strategy

TechHuman’s innovative business model and organizational practices give us a COMPETITIVE EDGE in sourcing and securing the best IT talent for our client’s specific needs, quicker, on target, and efficiently.

On Point

Your TechHuman Success Manager presents you with only the top selected, fully vetted IT Professionals, who best match your unique requirements. Our unique operational approach gives us the time to focus on quality vs quantity.

Transparent Business Relationships

Strong relationships and WIN-WIN-WIN BUSINESS PRACTICES are at the core of our organization. This pushes performance levels, retention, and service level synergies to record heights and allows us to remain proactively situated in helping you achieve your ongoing project and operational needs.