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Saturday, July 14, episode 94 of Cyber Talk Radio hit the air on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming. I was joined by Javier Guerra and Bethany Reese of Tech Quarry to discuss the importance of a holistic approach to IT consulting and solutions.

We start off the first segment discussing the creation of Tech Quarry and Holistic IT solutions. Javier was training to be a physician to help people, but then he stumbled into the medical devices industry, which peaked his interest in meaningful solutions to people’s problems. He then created the Tech Quarry ecosystem to help people and businesses. Javier views technology as a tool that can either amplify negatives or positives, depending on the approach. How does Tech Quarry handle customers who only want a problem solved a very specific way (meaning that they’ve already self-diagnosed)? Through understanding and trust, looking for where problems really exist and then identifying how to treat the problem. Similar to a medical approach, they make sure to acknowledge the pain and assure to fix it, but not necessarily in the way clients believe it should be fixed. What’s different now in this industry? Technology tools for communications and company relationships. Slack, Facebook, Twitter and more increase the rate of change of information and can lead to information overload. Generally, the underlying problem is always a human aspect — that’s why it’s important to take a holistic approach. It’s also bringing people closer together with purpose and collaboration.

After the break, we look into the specifics of Tech Quarry’s holistic approach. It means getting to the root cause of a problem instead of treating superficial symptoms. Tech Quarry looks at teams as a whole and sees if people are taking measures that are helping them reach their goals — tracking progress is important to see the results of those measures. For example, an organization with multiple departments purchases an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that doesn’t take into account the individuals involved, who then become frustrated and add to a negative work culture. Tech Quarry’s job would be to make sure that the ERP is the right fit for the organization and that there aren’t better solutions before making a change. Another important aspect of their job is to make sure that employees are comfortable with technologies and the way they’re implemented. It’s also vital to acknowledge individual’s unique institutional knowledge in their given industry as not to make them feel obsolete as new technologies are introduced — make them feel valuable. When people feel appreciated, they are much more willing to contribute. Understand the end goal and the big picture. Instead of giving into the fear of new technology, make sure that employees know that its purpose is to make their job more efficient.

To listen to the episode replay, go here or watch below.**

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