What To Do With Big Data?


Binary data transfer

What is Big Data? Big Data is a term used to describe large, complex data sets that are so massive that they cannot be processed, organized, and utilized through traditional data processing methods. Data can be any type of information that is generated through an organization’s business practices. For example, your data include anything from… Read more »

Why Testing Automation Speeds all Business Processes


What is Automated Testing? Automated testing involves the use of automated tests or testing scripts utilizing tools and technology that would allow the execution of such tests. This process can be very daunting and tedious for a quality assurance team as due to the repetitive use of different experiments to work out the kinks of… Read more »

Why IT Staff Augmentation is Beneficial for Everyone


  How does Staff Augmentation Work? Staff augmentation takes place as a form of outsourcing parts of your project that may not necessarily require a full-time hire. They can be applicable to any type of situation; whether you just need some extra help on a project from top-tier IT talent or need guidance for your… Read more »