Post COVID-19 Leadership


COVID-19 Leadership Culture Change

Post COVID-19 leadership has made a paradigm shift. Every business is witnessing a change in their organizations’ DNA. For how long – perhaps indefinitely. The pandemic has changed the way we worked in our contained and confined offices. But it’s time to seize it as an opportunity to improve and reposition the organization for the future instead of worrying about decades-old brick-and-mortar office setups.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 2 out of 3 employers say maintaining employee morale during the pandemic has been a challenge, particularly companies with 500 employees or more. So, companies must shift focus to employee morale and corporate culture in the recovery phase of the crisis. (Geller, 2020)

Simultaneously, resilient leadership promotes his, her, their, etc. excellent followership, nurtured, and catalyzed by building deeper trust. These resilient leaders should begin by anticipating what success looks like at the end of recovery, how their businesses will prosper in the long term, and then guide their teams to develop an outcomes-based set of remote working. (Renjen 2020)