How does Staff Augmentation Work?

Staff augmentation takes place as a form of outsourcing parts of your project that may not necessarily require a full-time hire. They can be applicable to any type of situation; whether you just need some extra help on a project from top-tier IT talent or need guidance for your developer team for a task that they may not be familiar or comfortable with doing in a timely manner.

What do Hiring Managers Gain?

  1. Less Turnover

Turnover is not an applicable term with staff augmentation as the talent being brought in is not an employee. This will help keep turnover/training costs at bay, so that they may be retained and used in other areas.

  1. More Productive HR Department

As mentioned before, a staffing solution does not require a direct hire. This, in turn, frees up your Human Resources department to focus on areas that do need full-time employees, leaving adequate time to fully evaluate the candidates thoroughly and with maximum efficiency.

  1. Fresh, Experienced Talent

It is important to properly vet all professionals that lay eyes on your company’s inner workings. With that being said, you can take solace in the fact that consultants and contract workers will have the necessary abilities to undertake these tasks, as they are already evaluated by a third-party company before they ever reach your office. Typically, those who are able to take part in the consultant lifestyle have a plethora of experience with many different organizations and projects. The revolving door of projects coming in and out means that they will maintain a fresh outlook on work, as they are not bogged down with repetitive, tedious tasks in the same role.

What do IT Professionals Gain?

  1. Revolving opportunities

IT talent taking part in consulting/staff augmentation projects generally stay fresh and are constantly expanding their knowledge and skills through many different projects. This will allow you to break free of the doldrums of an employee lifestyle and maintain interest in your profession by facing new challenges with each project you take on.

  1. Your Choice of Career Format

There are a few forms that your career can take, such as:

Contract Consulting- join long- or short-term projects as a consultant, helping with implementations, growth, or a temporary increase in demand for a company. This will allow you to lend your expertise for the term of a project without the necessity of becoming an employee.

Contract-to-Hire- If you simply want to test out a particular role without requiring a hire at first, this solution may suit you. Contract-to-Hire simply means that you will be able to assess the fit between yourself and a company/role before you commit to them. This also provides the option to hire at the end of the contract, if a congruent fit is indeed met.

  1. Backing from a Larger Organization, Rather than Freelancing

There are many risks associated with being an independent contractor. If you are part of a staff augmentation company, you will be protected under their legal umbrella as well as developing your network of IT professionals should you need outside guidance.

There is much to be gained from both sides of the staff augmentation process. Managers should strongly consider this option as a solution to their business needs as it is a much easier, and trustworthy process than a direct hire. If you are an IT professional considering an alternative working format or a hiring manager that is sick of committing to the wrong hire, reach out to us at to find out how staffing solutions can benefit you.

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