What Hiring Managers Tend to Forget

Hiring managers tend to forget that an interview is much like a date. While the candidate in question is trying to sell themselves and their services to you, there is also a vice versa aspect to the process. A candidate may be more heavily evaluated during the interview process as much of their research about the business should have been done before they ever applied. This doesn’t mean that their preconceived notions cannot be changed over time by not being properly enticed to join your team.

The Importance of Keeping a Steady Pace

If you are fortunate enough to find a candidate who seems to be a potentially great fit, the burden of holding their interest is up to you. While constant contact and attention is not necessary, quickly responding when a prospective employee reaches out to you is of the utmost importance. In addition to this, judiciously, yet rapidly, pursue them with a constant flow of interviews. If you decide to wait a full week or two to request the next meeting, there is a growing possibility that they might not be available.

How You Can Attract Them

Instead of simply focusing on what they can do for you, try to spend more time conveying what you can do for them. Typically, salary has proven itself to be a viable strategy in trying to attract top-tier talent. While a nice pay day will inevitably attract talent, added benefits become vital in retaining their services. Make a point to convey what they will learn during their tenure with your organization and if applicable, include some opportunities for advancement.

Technological talent is difficult to find in this job market. If you happen to secure an interview with a highly-desirable candidate, make sure that they stay around for you to get an offer on the table using some of these tips.

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