What is Automated Testing?

Automated testing involves the use of automated tests or testing scripts utilizing tools and technology that would allow the execution of such tests. This process can be very daunting and tedious for a quality assurance team as due to the repetitive use of different experiments to work out the kinks of a new release. Testing automation is generally applicable to any business that utilizes software to release new products, which can add benefits of all forms to your business processes.

Why Incorporate Automation?

Automation would allow for a development team to free up their valuable time that they would usually spend executing tests and trials. This would allow them to have greater flexibility to focus on applying their technical strengths to your business model. In addition to this, automation can increase the speed and productivity of a testing process as it can process these tests at a much faster pace while minimizing the chances of human error. When used judiciously, testing automation can rapidly progress your entire development process through these benefits.

How You Can Start an Automation Process

Automation does not have to be used during an entire development cycle. It is simply a tool in your arsenal to speed your entire release or implementation. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of fully automating your QA testing process, start small by executing them at an earlier stage of the development or in a non-vital process setting. That way, if there are any unforeseen errors, you will have time to mitigate them quickly without severely effecting the release time of your newest product. This type of software requires a solid amount of time for designing and testing, so it is up to you to balance the ROI of this endeavor to fit your needs. Should you need help implementing QA automated testing software, Tech Quarry has a proprietary technology, created by an automated testing guru to help. Contact us at speed your quality assurance testing today!

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